Grant Money

4000 Grant To Paint Your Home

That’s what Canton, Ohio offers to very low-income residents – grants to paint their house or put on new siding. They feel that an investment like this improves the value of all the properties in the area. Sunnyvale, California offers some of their residents $400 in grant money to paint their homes. And if you’re over 60 or have a disability, you can get a $1,200 grant. See if your city or state offers a program like this go to


Is Grant Money Taxable?

The answer to this is the same answer to any good question, It Depends. Some grants are taxable and some are not. If you get a grant to start a business, I would assume you would have to treat that as taxable income but you would probably not pay any taxes on it because you would use the money to buy business deductible items like computers, office space, advertising etc. Grants and scholarships in excess of tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment are considered taxable income. Grants given to veterans not taxable. A lot of grants given out to pay your energy bills or help pay your mortgage are not taxable.


Entrepreneur Got Too Much Grant Money So He Gave It Back

it’s amazing but true. It’s another story for people who keep telling me there is no such thing as grant money for business. He’s the brother of a friend of mine I was talking to at a birthday party. He was setting up a small fulfillment center business in West Virginia and the state gave him $700,000 to help start the business. He couldn’t spend it all so he gave back $350,000 and told them to give it to him later when he’ll want to grow some more. So check West Virginia if you need grant money to start a business