State Government

See If You Qualify For Your State Health Care Programs

Every state has a number of health care programs that are paid for by federal and state government funding. Most of the programs have income requirements, but the maximum income can go up to $40,000 or more for a family. Every state has a number of programs to protect people in financial trouble. There are programs to help pay for food, help pay for day care, and help pay for medical.


Free Legal Help To Fight Your Boss

saw an ad for an attorney in a Florida newspaper offering to fight for you if your employer is not paying you time and one-half for overtime. I hope you know if you call an attorney it is going to cost you to get the money owed to you. Instead, you can contact your state government and get their attorneys to get you your money FOR FREE. Call your state government operator in your state capital. And remember, any employer is more afraid of the government than they are of a private attorney. The government can put them out of business.