Government Contracts

100000 Working From Your Kitchen Table

My wife got over $100,000 of government money to do consulting right out of our home. My sister got over $350,000 from the government to frame pictures. They are both government contactors and they make good livings as freelancers. To be a freelancer in this country all you need are business cards, a phone and a desk, and the government will take it from there. There are free offices around the country that will help any freelancer get government contracts. The government buys more of anything than anyone else in the world including: legal services, web design, aerobic instructors, landscaping, cleaning, and even stand-up comics. And only 20% of this business is in the Washington area. Can you believe that one year the government even spent $30,000 on a freelance priest? Contact your state Office of Economic Development located in your state capital or your local Procurement Assistance Office who can match the product or service you are selling with the appropriate agency, and then help you market your wares effectively. To find the office nearest you, contact Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Office, Cameron Station, Room 4B110, Defense Logistics Agency, Alexandria, VA 22304; 703-767-1661


Learn About Government Contracts

Find out how to get a government contract. The government purchases more of anything than anyone else in the world and they do it all over the country. My sister has received over $300,000 in government contracts for her small picture framing business. I even read where the government spent $30,000 on a freelance priest. Learning how to get a $100,000 contract is better than learning how to get a $100,000 grant. A grant is only a one-time thing. A contract you can keep getting again and again. Your local Small Business Development Center can help you get government contracts. You can find your local office.