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5 Billion Green Dollars Made Available for Home Weatherizing
WASHINGTON - States will soon be distributing more than $5 billion to help people winterize their homes under an economic stimulus set-side for homeowners and green contractors.
The Department of Energy (DOE) is distributing the money to states, which will then make funds available to low-income households, particularly those with elderly residents, people with disabilities, and families with children. An additional $3 billion has been given to state solar and green energy programs for citizens, schools and more.  The funds will also provide some badly-needed money for small business contractors who provide weatherization services.
Not only will homeowners benefit, but the home weatherization set-aside is likely to be the one of the biggest boons for small businesses under the Recovery Act, says Information USA founder and popular author Matthew Lesko, who tracks federal and state green money programs on his website Including:

Green energy grants
Green business grants
Green small business grants
Grants to go green
Green housing grants
Green research grants
Green building grants
Green school grants

€œIt is unlikely that there will be any other business opportunity that is guaranteed to grow over 2000% in the next decade. The application process can be tricky, so it’s important to know how to apply and what to say, who to call and when to get in line. Aside from that, this is essentially free green money for projects that will continue to provide savings for people every month.
The following table shows why just one of many government green programs is likely to be one of the biggest opportunities for homeowners and businesses in America: 

Weatherization Program Increases  2008  2009
 Amount of Money Available       $227 Million  $5 Billion
 Family Income Eligibility     $33,000      $44,000
 Average Spent Per Household  $2,500      $6,500
 Number of Homes Weatherized  150,000/yr     1,000,000/yr
 Number of Home Inspectors Needed  1,000  3,000
 Total Number of Jobs Needed  11,000  125,000

 This is a win-win program,€ says Lesko. €œNot only do low-income households get a hefty return on the investment through lower energy bills, but home-improvement contractors get badly-needed jobs and the nation reduces its dependence on foreign oil. At the same time, health and safety risks associated with poorly insulated homes can be cut dramatically.€
Since it was launched 30 years ago, the program has helped weatherized more than 6.2 million homes. An estimated 100,000 homes will be weatherized with DOE funds this year alone, with an average savings of $350 in the first year alone in heating costs. IN all, every $1 spent on weatherization returns $2.73 in energy and non-energy related benefits, according to the DOE.
The program also creates 73 new green jobs for every $1 million invested
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