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Everyone looks upon multi-millionaires like Steve Jobs, H. Ross Perot and Donald Trump as self-made success stories–but it’s not true! They made their first million using government money giveaway programs. And they did it when they were complete unknowns. No one had ever heard of them when they pocketed their money. Sure, today they’re household names… but not back then.


Even Paul Newman, the actor got government money. They took the government money and they built a life that’s like a vacation every day. Their money worries are gone forever. Imagine what that would be like for you? They used government programs the way you now can… and the mind boggling news doesn’t stop there…

Ross Perot


The “big name” millionaires are just the tip of the iceberg…Ross Perot The most successful American companies have also jumped on the free government money bandwagon including: Home Depot, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, America Online, Outback Steakhouse, Nike and Callaway Golf!


They all received government money in the form of a government grant, loan guarantee, loan, direct payment or fat, juicy contract!


Hey, anyway you spell it, it’s called Government CASH! and Free Money And frankly who could blame them.? Would you turn down the opportunity for government grant money? They were just smart enough to know where to look for it. You don’t need good credit, experience, a job history or a higher education.


The sFree Moneyecret is knowing who to contact and how to ask for your money. Once you know the right people to call, it could take you less than 20 minutes to get anywhere from $20,000 to $250,000 or more in startup money to get your new life rolling.


The government is the world’s LARGEST EMPLOYER with a payroll of 18 million people. That’s bigger than General Motors, IBM, AT&T and Exxon co

mbined! You could spend a year’s worth of Sundays and go in circles… unless you take advantage of my experience and contacts.






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