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  • “a valuable source of information” … Christian F. Bechtold Richmond, VA
  • “Thanks to your book, I am in the process of getting a loan for a new home.”… Ruth Bean Edmonton, KY
  • “You couldn’t buy it back from me.” … Evelyn Bess Lebanon, TN 
  • “Lesko’s book is big on finding free money” … Kim G. Bothom Edgerton, WI
  • “a gold mine of ideas presented in a clear way which is so helpful!” … Dr. Shirley Echard Falls Church, VA
  • “useful in finding financial help and information.”… Mark J. Gordon Selkirk, NY
  • “With power gained from the book, to me, power equals advantage.”… Robert O. Holmes Ft. Worth, TX
  • “the book has more than paid for itself just by saving time.” … H. Bruce Johnson Fresno, CA
  • ” very enlightening…. well worth the cost and then some.” … George J. Khoury N. Little Rock, AR
  • “This book has shown me the way to a better lifestyle. Thanks a million.” … James A. Mason Destin, FL



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government grantsHow To Write And Get A Grant! Lesko’s complete course for getting government grants! Includes complete grant instructions, 50 Successful
Grant Applications on CD-ROM plus 15,000 public and private sources.



Any Business!

business grantsFree money For Business!!



housing grantsFree money For A Better Home!4,000 Government money Programs That Give Out Grants, Direct Payments, And Other Free money For People to Buy Their Dream Home or Become a Real Estate Investor.



free money for billsFree money To Pay Your Bills 1,000’s of Little-Known Government Programs You Can Use To Pay What You Owe, And Get Out Of Debt!! Money You Never Have To Pay Back. 770 pages.



Lesko Freebies for Business Only!

Matthew Lesko Federal Government Money Finders for Business! Download the sources and applications for your State and the Federal government! Instant access to business grants, loans free help and more! The Matthew Lesko money Finders are the only Federal and State specific e-books ever written on Government


Lesko’s Cheat Sheets! Get original government applications from people who know the tricks of getting government grant and loan money.



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6 Responses to Matthew Lesko Books

  • I’m trying to find information for a friend who is 55, had HS diploma. no income. wants to study for Enrolled Agent exam, to prepare tax returns.
    I’d like to find information about any grants /sources of funding / free study classes

  • just got a copy of free money for businesses , the 2000 edition. was inquiring if the programs listed in that book will help since it is 12 yrs old. thank you
    doc reed

  • Use the book as a guide to what has been available. Then start by making calls to the various agencies. Keep in mind the programs may have changed names or new ones may be available.

  • I Am 65 years of age, a U.S. Veteran and, a Hispanic.

    Is there a U.S. Government Loan or Grant for me to take a training to become an Online and Offline Business Consultant?

    Also, What does it cost to become a member of The Government Money Club for an entire year?

    Do You have a Lifetime Membership to The Government Money Club? How about for All Your other programs?

    Thank You In Advance For Your Prompt Reply.

    Kind Regards,

    James Stibbs

  • Oh…By the way… What is the very Best Yearly or Lifetime Membership You offer that will give Me the greatest service, advantage, resources and opportunities?

    Thank You.

    James Stibbs

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