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Free Help Becoming A Non Profit

Don’t spend a fortune on a lawyer in your attempt to become a non-profit. Take advantage of free government help available through the Internal Revenue Service. You can fill out the forms to the best of your ability, and then you can call them with your list of questions. For more information contact Exempt Organizations Technical Division, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Treasury, 1111 Constitution Ave., NW, Room 6411, Washington, DC 20224; 202-283-2300; 877-829-5500 (toll-free)

Visit: www.irs.gov

Grants to Women-Owned Businesses for DOT Contracts

Click For Business grants for women and minorities

Get Baseball Card From Ty Cobb

The Library of Congress has a vast list of photos, articles, sound bites, and much more from history all at your fingertips. You can go to their web site and find a baseball card from the 1913 New York Giants team. How about a 1910 card of Ty Cobb along with his stats? American Memory is the Library of Congress’ collection of the history of the culture of the United States. These images can be printed on your printer for free, or you can order on-line for an 8 X 10 color print to be made and sent to you for $30.00. Just view the collection at http://memory.loc.gov. To order prints (the information is available at the website) contact Library of Congress, Photoduplicatioan Service, 101 Independence Ave., SE, Washington, DC 20540; 202-707-5640

Visit: memory.loc.gov

10000 Grants for High School Seniors

The Frederick B. Abramson Memorial Foundation Scholarships are awarded to economically disadvantaged public high school seniors in Washington DC. These scholarships are available to help them defer college expenses at a four-year accredited institution. Contact: Scholarship Committee, The Frederick B. Abramson Memorial Foundation, 734 15th Street, N.W., Suite 502, Washington, DC 20005

Visit: www.abramsonfoundation.org/scholarship/index.shtml

Free Services Help You At Home

The Area 9 Agency on Aging offers Meals on Wheels, free home health aides and homemaker services. There is a waiting list for these services, so it is best to get on the list as soon as you can in planning for the future. You can call Terry at Area (Agency on Aging, 715 W. 21st St., Connersville, IN 47331; 800-458-9345. For more information on Area Agencies on Aging, contact National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, 927 15th St., NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 2005; 202-296-8130; Eldercare Locator 800-677-1116

Visit: www.n4a.org/aboutaaas.cfm

Money to Fix Up Your Home After a Disaster

Called Federal Housing Assistance to Individuals and Households and referred to as Program #96.048 in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, this program provides grants to individuals and households affected by a disaster to enable them to address their disaster-related housing needs. The money can be used for the following: 1) Temporary Housing, 2) Repair, 3) Replacement, and 4) Permanent Housing Construction. Assistance not used for the specified purpose will be required to be returned. Contact Department of Homeland Security 245 Murray Drive, SW., Washington, DC 20528, 202- 282-8000

Visit: www.dhs.gov