50000 Grant To Help People Who Need Jobs

The Able Trust give grants to non-profits and individuals who help people with disabilities get jobs including, including on-the-job coaching, supported employment, job skills-training, job development, employer outreach, ADA facility compliance, skills evaluation and programs leading to employment.


Financial Assistance for Employees in Need

When tragedy strikes, BearingPoint employees are not alone. Through the Corporate Giving Program, BearingPoint coordinates emotional and financial support for employees impacted by traumatic or catastrophic events, giving employees a place to turn when they are in need. BearingPoint Foundation funds, in the form of grants, are directed toward specific programs that meet program objectives. BearingPoint does not accept unsolicited grant proposals from outside organizations. All requests for funding and support are generated by BearingPoint employees. Contact: BearingPoint, Inc. Corporate Giving Program (formerly KPMG Consulting, Inc. Corporate Giving Program), c/o BearingPoint Charitable Foundation, 106 Allen Road, Liberty Corner, NJ 07938; (908) 607-2300


15000 Grant For Californians To Buy A Home Near Work

The Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership (WISH) Program provides grants to qualified homebuyers living in high-cost areas to enable them to purchase homes near their work. Under the WISH Program, the bank will provide up to $15,000 per household, matching up to $3 for every dollar contributed by the homeowner toward the purchase of the home. WISH funds must be used only toward down payment or closing costs in connection with the purchase of a housing unit to be used as the homebuyer’s primary residence. Terms for participation include: completion of a mortgage assistance program administered by a public or private entity; a household income of the homebuyer at 80% or less of the HUD area median income; contribution of at least 1% of the purchase price from their own funds; and completion of an approved homebuyer counseling program. For information on the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco


Get 10000 From Your Boss To Buy A Home

Some universities give employees $1,500 grants to help them buy a home. Companies in Minnesota are offering up to $15,000 to employees to buy homes. City governments in Washington offer employees $10,000 to help buy a home if they perform 100 hours of community service. Make sure you find out what your employer or potential employer has to offer. And learn more about programs like these at


50000 to 500000 In Grants to Start A Day Care Center

in Pennsylvania if you are a non-profit organization and want to help families who need day care services. The money can be used for most anything in starting or expanding a day care center. And if you are not a non-profit, it doesn’t matter. The government will help you become one for next to nothing. Tell this office you are also looking the state’s small business development center’s office.


4000 Grant To Paint Your Home

That’s what Canton, Ohio offers to very low-income residents – grants to paint their house or put on new siding. They feel that an investment like this improves the value of all the properties in the area. Sunnyvale, California offers some of their residents $400 in grant money to paint their homes. And if you’re over 60 or have a disability, you can get a $1,200 grant. See if your city or state offers a program like this go to


Grants to Organizations That Help Minorities Start Their Own Businesses

Click For Obama business grants

5000 to Get Rid of Lead Paint in Your Home

Called the Lead-based Paint Hazard Control in Privately-Owned Housing Program and referred to as Program #14.900 in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, this program provides grants to identify and control lead-based paint hazards in privately- owned housing that is owned by or rented to low- or very-low income families. Specific objectives include: (1) building the capacity necessary to eliminate lead-based paint hazards in all housing; (2) preventing childhood lead poisoning; (3) involving cooperation among all levels of government, the private sector, faith-based organizations, and community-based organizations; (4) integrating comprehensive community approaches to address lead hazards in housing; (5) integration of lead- safe practices into other programs which will continue beyond the life of the grant; (6) establishment of a public registry of lead-safe housing; and (7) promoting job training, employment, and other economic lift opportunities for low-income residents of project neighborhoods. . Contact your local office of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at


Grants to Aid Victims of Violence

The New England Patriots’ R.O.S.E. Award offers a cash award to a female victim of violent crime who is working to overcome her adversities. The award is meant to help her continue in her journey toward regaining her self-esteem and rebuilding her life. Cash awards vary according to funding availability. Contact: The R.O.S.E. Fund, Inc., (formerly Ryka Rose Foundation), 175 Federal St., Ste. 455, Boston, MA 02110; (617) 482-5400; Fax: (617) 482-3443