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Last Year 13 Billion For Entrepreneurs Went Unused

so the government is going to make it easier to get money from the SBA’s 540 Certified Development Company program. See They want to get this money to more minorities, veterans and women. So HELP these poor bureaucrats make quota and find out how to apply for this money at You can get from $10,000 to $1,000,000 to start or expand your business.


Entrepreneur Got Too Much Grant Money So He Gave It Back

it’s amazing but true. It’s another story for people who keep telling me there is no such thing as grant money for business. He’s the brother of a friend of mine I was talking to at a birthday party. He was setting up a small fulfillment center business in West Virginia and the state gave him $700,000 to help start the business. He couldn’t spend it all so he gave back $350,000 and told them to give it to him later when he’ll want to grow some more. So check West Virginia if you need grant money to start a business


Free Legal Help To Fight Your Boss

saw an ad for an attorney in a Florida newspaper offering to fight for you if your employer is not paying you time and one-half for overtime. I hope you know if you call an attorney it is going to cost you to get the money owed to you. Instead, you can contact your state government and get their attorneys to get you your money FOR FREE. Call your state government operator in your state capital. And remember, any employer is more afraid of the government than they are of a private attorney. The government can put them out of business.