Sources For Government Foreclosed Properties

If you are like 99% of all the other investors in the US who wish they had their money in real estate and not stocks and bonds during the past few years, or you heard about a friend of your brother-in-law who is making a bunch on foreclosed property, remember there is no magic in finding these properties. It just takes work. Here’s where Uncle Sam keeps the bargains.


Entrepreneur Got Too Much Grant Money So He Gave It Back

it’s amazing but true. It’s another story for people who keep telling me there is no such thing as grant money for business. He’s the brother of a friend of mine I was talking to at a birthday party. He was setting up a small fulfillment center business in West Virginia and the state gave him $700,000 to help start the business. He couldn’t spend it all so he gave back $350,000 and told them to give it to him later when he’ll want to grow some more. So check West Virginia if you need grant money to start a business