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Did You Get Screwed By Your Pension Plan

Don’t give in! Don’t call a lawyer! Uncle Sam will fight for you for FREE. The same government that went to war on Iraq will go to war on your pension plan administrator. Contact the Employee Benefits Security Administration at


Free Grant Website By Uncle Sam

looks like it should put me out of business. But it won’t. I really should not be in business doing what I am doing, anyway. The government should be doing it. But it is nice they are trying.


Can You Get Government Money with Bad Credit?

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Sources For Government Foreclosed Properties

If you are like 99% of all the other investors in the US who wish they had their money in real estate and not stocks and bonds during the past few years, or you heard about a friend of your brother-in-law who is making a bunch on foreclosed property, remember there is no magic in finding these properties. It just takes work. Here’s where Uncle Sam keeps the bargains.


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