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The Best Place For Free Or Discount Medicines

If you are having trouble trying to decide if it’s best for you to take advantage of the new Medicare prescription drug program or the traditional free drug program offered by the pharmaceutical companies, try a free computer search from a non-profit organization called Access To Benefits Organization. They are a legit non-profit trying to help people identify the best way to get free prescription drugs. For information on this program see


Money For Your New Home in One Hour

The Neighborhood Gold Down-payment Assistance Program helps families purchase a home in the neighborhood of their choice with no money down. Neighborhood Gold works with The Buyers Fund, Inc., a non-profit organization, to provide prospective homeowners with gift money to cover down-payment requirements and closing costs. To receive a grant, a buyer should work with a lender to obtain a mortgage that allows for down-payments to be made in the form of a charitable gift. If a buyer is approved for a loan, he or she can receive Neighborhood Gold gift funds, regardless of income level. The mortgage professional fills out the grant application, and will receive a gift letter from the fund within ONE HOUR. Neighborhood Gold has local representatives who can offer assistance in the application process and answer any questions before, during and after the home-buying process. As part of the grant, Neighborhood Gold offers a Mortgage Payment Protection Plan, which covers up to six months of payments and may make it easier for a program participant to obtain mortgage financing for the applicant’s home of choice. Like most down-payment assistance programs, the seller must agree to pay to Neighborhood Gold a service fee equal to the grant amount plus a percentage rate of home price determined by location. For more information contact:


50000 to 500000 In Grants to Start A Day Care Center

in Pennsylvania if you are a non-profit organization and want to help families who need day care services. The money can be used for most anything in starting or expanding a day care center. And if you are not a non-profit, it doesn’t matter. The government will help you become one for next to nothing. Tell this office you are also looking the state’s small business development center’s office.


A Fall Back Position

Contact your local Small Business Development Center in your state. They offer free consulting that will help you find money, plan a strategy, and help you with any kind of management, technical or financial problem if you are a business or non-profit organization, or just want to start one. You can find your local office.


Working and Still Struggling Financially

You can be making up to $35,000 to $40,000 a year and still be eligible for government benefit programs. Like money for food bills, day care, health insurance for you or your children, fuel and utility bills, phone bills, and more. A non-profit organization called SEEDO is developing a web site so people can learn how to take advantage of these programs.


Your State Department of Economic Development

Every state has offices that will help you for free with any aspect of a business or non-profit organization. They will also have their own grant and loan programs that help businesses get started or expand. Contact your state capital and look for your state office of economic development. Remember, you have to live in a state to get money to start a business in that state. The state just wants you to have the business in their state. So you can’t live in one state and have your business in another state. Go where the money is.


Women Can Get 5000 To Open A Business

in New Mexico. That is what a non-profit organization called Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency Team ( provides if you are interested in moving to a nicer climate. It’s money set aside for women who can’t get money elsewhere. But this does not mean this is the only place to get money. Check non-profits in your area for similar programs.

Visit: (

Grants To Pay For A Down Payment

on a home are available through a non-profit organization called AmeriDream, Inc. It’s a little complicated, but my understanding is that to get government money to buy a home, the seller cannot give you a down payment to help you buy the home. But they can give the money to a non-profit, who in turn can give you the money. Anyway, the deal can get done and you don’t need to put up money.