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If you are having trouble trying to decide if it’s best for you to take advantage of the new Medicare prescription drug program or the traditional free drug program offered by the pharmaceutical companies, try a free computer search from a non-profit organization called Access To Benefits Organization. They are a legit non-profit trying to help people identify the best way to get free prescription drugs. For information on this program see


Free Prescription Drugs

Drug companies will give certain people who cannot afford their medications their drugs free of charge. Your doctor will likely have to sign a form, and then the company will ship the medications to you or the doctor. I just checked the web site for Phizer and you can have an income up to $25,000 and even get Viagra for free! They are all there except Tap Pharmaceutical. You call them at 800-830-1015. Many state governments also have financial help for prescription drugs free through the Patients Assistance Program.