Business Plan

Business Plans Are Lies

How can anyone forecast what the world will be like 6 months from now or 3 years from now? Most of us don’t even know what we will be doing next Thursday. So how is anyone going to be able to predict what a business will look like 2 or 3 years from now? So when someone asks you for a business plan in order for you to apply for money, just provide what they want and don’t worry about how accurate it is. The best experts in the world don’t know the future so why should you? If you need help with your business plan contact your local Small Business Development Center. The help is free or low cost.


You Don’t Even Have To Know How To Spell Entrepreneur

you can walk into a local government supported management consulting office and they will sit down with you, for free, and help you identify major money programs in your area, help you fill out forms to get money, help you prepare a business plan, give you free tax counseling services, free marketing help, or free help with public relations, technology or anything else. It doesn’t get better than this. Find the local office of your Small Business Development Center. They are supported by state and federal governments.. Your state lead center can tell you about your local office.