Disabled Veterans

Health Services

The Veterans Affairs has CHAMPVA as health insurance coverage for survivors of veterans killed in service or for families of disabled veterans, although there is a concern that it does not cover everything, including dental and vision for dependents. CHAMPVA can be contacted at 800-733-8387 Earn Up To $52,800 and Get Low Cost Health Insurance: Healthy Kids Now is the child health insurance program run by the state of Washington. There is an income eligibility requirement that needs to be met, but it offers complete medical, dental and vision coverage. To learn more call 877-KIDS-Now or go online at Maximum monthly income can be over $4,400 to qualify.Local Health Care Options: Kitsap County Health District offers health care services at various locations throughout the county. For more information on location, hours, and services contact the Parent Child Health Line at 360-337-4821

Visit: www.va.gov/hac/champva/champva.asp

48000 Grant for Veterans to Adapt Their Home for a Disability

Called the Specially Adapted Housing for Disabled Veterans Programs and referred to as Program #64.106 in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, this program provides grants to certain severely disabled veterans acquire a home which is suitably adapted to meet the special needs of their disabilities. Contact your local Veterans Administration office at Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC 20420, 202-273-7390

Visit: www.homeloans.va.gov/eligmap.htm

Money for Spouses and Children of Deceased or Disabled Veterans to Go to School

(Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance 64.117)
The program provides partial support to those seeking to advance their education who are qualifying spouses, surviving spouses, or children of deceased or disabled veterans who, as a result of their military service, have a permanent and total (100 percent) service connected disability, or a service personnel who have been listed for a total of more than 90 days as currently Missing in Action, or as Prisoners of War. Spouse, surviving spouse, or child of a deceased or disabled veteran can receive monthly payments to be used for tuition, books, subsistence, for courses, training, or college. Benefits may be awarded for pursuit of associate, bachelor, or graduate degrees at colleges and universities, as well as study at business, technical, or vocational schools. Contact Department of Veterans Affairs, Central Office, Washington, DC 20420; 202-273-7132, 800-827-1000; Continue reading