Money to Study the Break Up of the USSR

(Program for Study of Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union 19.300)
The program is designed to sustain and strengthen American expertise on the Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgia, the Baltic countries, and countries of Eastern Europe by supporting graduate training; advanced research; public dissemination of research data, methods, and findings; contact and collaboration among government and private specialists; and first hand experience of the (former) Soviet Union and Eastern European countries by American specialists, and more. Funds are given to nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher learning who act as intermediaries. Students must apply to those institutions that received the money. Contact the Eurasian and East European Research and Training Program, INR/RES, U.S. Department of State, 2201 C St., NW, Room 2251, Washington, DC 20520; 202-736-4572; Continue reading