Venture Capitalists

Venture Capital Funds for New England Entrepreneurs

anyone interested in starting his own business or expanding an existing one may do well to look into venture capital. Venture capitalists are willing to invest in a new or growing business venture for a percentage of the equity. The Venture Capital Fund of New England is one source for those with high tech related business ideas


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Venture Capital

Some people consider this money from angels, but they are known in the business world as venture capitalists. These are individuals, government-sponsored organizations or private organizations who invest in your business because it is a good idea. These people also want to own a percentage of your business. So they really become your partner. But remember, the point is you want to get your business going. Who cares if you have a partner? If a partner is going to make it happen, it is better than sitting at home with no business at all. The federal government has two major venture capital programs. You can go to these web sites to get a list of government sponsored angels to contact: Venture Capital for Small Businessand Venture Capital For Low Income. But you can’t stop there. There are thousands of other private and public venture capitalists who help small businesses. A good starting place for locating these people is a good reference librarian at your public library.