Medicare Part B

Get And Extra 1000 For Mom Dad Or Grandparents

Even if you’re not a senior check into this for your mom, dad or grandparents or anyone else because each year over 3 million eligible seniors and people with disabilities fail to apply for a little-known program that will give them over $1,000 extra in their Social Security check. That’s how much the government deducts for Medicare Part B payments. The program is called Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries Plan, or Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries Plan. To learn more contact your local Social Security Office at 800-772-1213. You can also contact the Medicare Hotline and request the publication Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare; contact Medicare Hotline at 800-MEDICARE or online


Save 720 A Year On Medicare

Many people do not take advantage of the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program which covers the cost of Medicare Part B premiums. There are income limits you must meet. For more information on the program, contact Medicare at 800-MEDICARE; or go to the following website. You can also learn about the Medicare Drug Card. The New York Medicare Savings Coalition also has information on how to take advantage of the underutilized program that will cover the Medicare Part B premium.