Get 10000 From Your Boss To Buy A Home

Some universities give employees $1,500 grants to help them buy a home. Companies in Minnesota are offering up to $15,000 to employees to buy homes. City governments in Washington offer employees $10,000 to help buy a home if they perform 100 hours of community service. Make sure you find out what your employer or potential employer has to offer. And learn more about programs like these at


Money To Buy Out Your Boss

A dream come true can be buying out your boss and running the whole business yourself. You probably always thought you could do it better anyway. Your boss may secretly be looking for someone to buy the place so she can go to the beach and finally write that Great American Novel that she has always been dreaming of. Much of the government money available can be used for this. Start looking for federal money in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance published by the U.S. Government Printing OfficeThen check your State Government Office of Economic Development and tell them what you are trying to do. You can call 411 and ask for the state capital operator in your state capital