Minority Business

100000 To Open A Business

in a small town in Minnesota. It’s not a grant but a low-interest loan. But what the heck. If someone is going to offer you $100,000 to get your venture going, take it any way you can. See the Rural Challenge Grant Program at http://www.dted.state.mn.us/01x02f.asp. The state also has a program that gives out $10,000 if you are a minority who wants to start a business in the city. Its called the Urban Initiative Loan Program.

Visit: www.dted.state.mn.us/01x02f.asp.

Get 500000 To Sell Your Goods or Services

If you are a woman owned business or a minority business you can get up to $500,000 in loans to help sell what ever you have to a transportation related agency at the federal state or local level. The government buys anything from web design to landscaping. Ask about Disadvantaged Business Enterprise-Short Term Lending programs from the U.S. Department of Transportation at 800-532-1169 or at

Visit: osdbuweb.dot.gov