Housing Finance Agency

75000 for Urgent Home Repair

Funding available under the Urgent Repair Program provides grants for emergency home repairs and modifications to homes of elderly homeowners and other homeowners with special needs whose household incomes do not exceed 50% of the area median. Eligible organizations may request up to $75,000. For a listing of eligible organizations, contact the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency.

Visit: www.nchfa.com.

15000 To Improve a New Home

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s Purchasing Improvement program allows borrowers to make up to $15,000 in home improvements in conjunction with the purchase of a home with a PHFA first mortgage loan. Eligible improvements include repairs, alterations or modifications to improve the basic livability, accessibility, energy efficiency or safety of the property.

Visit: www.phfa.org

60000 If Your Mortgage Payments Are Over 60 Days Due

the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency offers state residents a loan program designed to protect citizens who, through no fault of their own, are financially unable to make their mortgage payments and are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. Participants in the Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program receive loans to help bring delinquent payments current. Continuing monthly assistance may be available as well. Total financial assistance maximum is $60,000, or 24 months of payments. Participants are expected to contribute $25 per month for payments during the term of the loan. Contact: Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, 211 North Front Street, P.O. Box 15530, Harrisburg, PA 17105-5530. Phone: 800-342-2397,

Visit: www.phfa.org/programs/hemap/index.htm