High School Students

$1,000 Scholarships For Two Students In Every High School

Find out how high school students can get $1,000 toward college through the Presidential Freedom Scholarship for outstanding service to the community. All they need to do is volunteer 100 hours of their time within a one year period. To apply, contact Presidential Freedom Scholarships, 1150 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20036; 866-291-7700; Continue reading

Over 8000 for High School Film Students

A&E awards grants and scholarships to K-12 students and teachers. Support is given on a national basis and in Canada. There are two different award programs under this Foundation: 1) the A&E Classroom Program, which awards $500 to K-12 teachers that demonstrate creative classroom uses for A&E and History Channel programming; and 2) History Channel Awards in which A&E annually awards 3 scholarships of $5,000 to high school students and 5 grants of $3,000 and a school video library to teachers participating in the National History Day competition. Contact: A & E Television Networks Corporate Giving Program, P.O. Box 1610, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163-1610; (212) 210-1400

Visit: www.historychannel.com/classroom/awards.html; www.aande.com