Benefits Go To People Who Help Themselves and the Country

The bigger category of people who get government grants are people who want to solve problems. Do you have an idea? Do you want to solve a problem? Do you want to create jobs, or just get yourself a better job? These are people like you who want to do something in the world. They want to contribute to society, and that is how a lot of this money is used.

Want to get a better education? Want to create a business? Even though it sounds selfish, by helping yourself you’re helping society!

These government grant programs are real things that society wants and needs. Foundations and government offices have this money waiting to solve problems in society and provide things that society needs. Society needs more energetic and problem-solving people, intelligent people, educated people. People that are going to create jobs. People that are going to create new inventions in their life, and that is why this money is there, to help citizens do these kinds of things.

To me the lottery is welfare, because it is the only government program that encourages you to go sit on the beach. I don’t want my taxes going to pay for people sitting on the beach for the rest of their lives. I want people to get money in order to make themselves and the country better. If you are out there creating a better society, then that is a society I am living in too. So, then I’ll have better people around me, better tools, a better society and a safer society. That is the purpose of these programs.

There are government government grant programs that fund solutions to all kinds of strange problems. There are programs out there where they give money to teenagers to start a business. Other programs fund building a golf course or tennis court in your backyard. œNot enough tennis courts in people’s backyards, doesn’t sound like a big problem to me but for some reason, some bureaucrat thought there was a problem. Actually, the politicians make the laws, and it is the bureaucrats that have to enforce and carry out the laws.

Programs that put tennis courts in the backyard are really for people in rural areas. Apparently we have a problem in our society where rural development is a problem because the farming society is not what it used to be. So, they have programs to give these ex-farmers money to go into the resort business. You can put a resort in your backyard where 40 acres of corn used to be.

You don’t have to understand the reasons why these programs were instituted, but just know that they were. These programs are there for you to do something in your life! What’s important about this is that the programs are for the average Joe. I grew up in a little town called Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and I used to think that anybody who got something from the government was either rich and took a congressman and senator to lunch, or real poor and on some kind of funny program that you were embarrassed to mention.

But that is not true. This money is for people who have the perseverance to go out and get it. The rich do it, the poor do it, and the middle class does it. If 30 million people are getting this money, they can’t all be rich because there aren’t 30 million rich people in this country. The money goes to people who know about it and go through the effort to get it.

I know a fellow named James Freericks, who got a half a million dollars from government government grants to travel around the world! He was an ordinary kind of guy in his early thirties or so, and wound up with a half a million dollars by learning to use the system to travel around the globe.

I live and work in Maryland, and found that my state gives out government grants to businesses all over the state. Actually, there is a company called Snyder Seed Company that got a $200,000 government grant to work on rodent repellent made out of hot chili peppers. How would you like $200,000 to take your chili peppers and try to them into rodent repellant?

I don’t know why the government does it. Maybe they are looking for better ideas. I’m sure there is some rationale behind it, but mine is not to reason why. Mine is to tell you about these programs so more people apply for them. I hope to get a better group of people applying, so the government will have a better choice of who gets the money.

Tori Stewardson lives in Virginia, and got $15,000 as a 40-year old woman who never finished college. She found a government program that gave her a $15,000 government grant to finish her college degree because she was suffering from low self-esteem. Now, would you ever think of calling the government and looking for the government’s low self-esteem program? No!

We live in a society where the answers are all out there. I wear the question mark suits because I believe that we can get the answer to anything we want in life. The problem is, we do not know the right questions to ask, and that is what I am trying to help you to do, to show you what questions to ask.

Did you ever see that online brokerage company, Ameritrade advertise on TV? They are rich, making a lot of money. Well, they got a million dollar government grant to open up an office in Annapolis. Would you ever think, œI will start a big business, and I have got a lot of money but maybe I will see about some more free money! Well, there it is.

I found company in California called Beneficial Design who got $50,000 to develop a website on hiking trails. Are you a hiker? Wouldn’t you love to spend the next year developing a website on hiking trails? This guy out in California found a program that gave him $50,000 to do that.

Speaking of hiking trails, I am looking for hiking boots because this summer I am taking part in a government program. I am going to Alaska with my family. My wife and I, and our two teenage boys, are flying to Alaska and are going to work on a government program doing an archaeological dig with Indians! How incredible is that? I would get bored sitting on the beach for two weeks. This is just one example of other types of programs that are out there for you.

Ritz Camera is another big company. They got a $75,000 government grant for hiring new employees in Kansas. So, if you are a small business, an entrepreneur and are going to hire a new employee, find out about the government grant money. If Ritz Camera is getting $75,000, then maybe if you only hire one, you could get $2,000, but what the heck? That is free money in the bank for you. received a $1.5 million government grant because they decided to open up a distribution center in Kansas. Did you ever order books from Amazon? They have distribution centers all over the country.

What happens is the state government, the local government, the county government, and the city government are all trying to attract business to the area. So, they give big and small businesses these business incentives, and government grant money to come and put the business there. If is cashing in on this, why shouldn’t you?

Arlene Fink got $100,000 from the government to work on a better way of letting the elderly know they have a drinking problem! I don’t understand it, but I guess there is a problem in the community that some seniors are drinking too much. So, she got $100,000 to develop pamphlets, as well as a program to do help them.

How about this? A woman up in Alaska got $200,000 to buy a fishing boat. Did you see the Perfect Storm? I was thinking about that with these women fishermen. You can get a government grant to be in the fishing business in Alaska.

Brett Stern, a fellow I know in New York state, got over $200,000 from the government to work on his invention – $200,000! He is a young boy, a couple of years out of college. He designed a sewing machine that puts together fabric that you do not have to sew. It works with synthetic fabric that will fuse together when it reaches a certain temperature. Throw away your sewing machines

My dad had a garment factory in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and women used to sit there sewing all day. This way, they would not have to do it. The machine would just melt the material together.

Or how about this? Len Osbourne was a bouncer in Colorado, making $7 an hour in a nightclub. He was a big guy suited for this work but his career wasn’t going anywhere. He went to the government and they gave him a $10,000 government grant to take a computer course. He did not have a college degree. After he completed the 5 month computer course, he was able to get a job earning $50,000 a year with benefits.

So, he went from a bouncer at $7 an hour, to making $50,00 a year with benefits on a government grant from the government after five months. You are improving yourself and you are improving society, whether it is designing a new gizmo that will put fabric together, or getting a better job, or hiring employees. These programs are there to solve problems in our society, and that is the purpose of the government grants.

Or, they are there to solve problems in your family. A woman by the name of Dorothy Heart from Texas called me, and said her daughter had a hospital bill of $40,000! The daughter was a single mom, struggling, and could not pay the bill. Hospitals always want their money now, as many are in financial trouble. Well, Dorothy found a program that gave her daughter the government grant money so that she did not have to pay this hospital bill, $40,000! This kind of money is out there.

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