My Entire Family Gets Government Grants

My wife runs a tutoring service in our neighborhood. We live in a neat community and a lot of the kids have trouble in grade school. Her tutoring service is all volunteers, and it has been going for about 5 year. She got a $4,000 government grant from a local organization, and she did not have to fill out much paperwork at all.

That is exactly what I mean. My wife was trying to solve problems in the community and there are organizations that have money to invest in that issue. People who have money want to solve problems. It is a basic human instinct, but you have to know the system to get it and that’s what I am trying to do here by showing you the ropes, and giving you the tools to find this kind of money.

As teenagers, my kids got a $10,000 government grant. That is right, a $10,000 government grant as teenagers. Now, you and I as adults are probably thinking, œWhy the heck did they give them that? Why don’t they give it to somebody worthwhile like me? My boys were working on an anti-smoking program for kids, trying to get teens not to smoke. They found this money at the state level program – $10,000. They did not line their pockets, but they learned a great deal from the process!

They got devices that you blow into and it shows how bad your lungs are affected by smoke. They went all around the county into the cafeterias during lunch hour and had kids blow into these machines. It is a great way for smokers and those living with smokers to visually see the affects on their lungs. It was very successful campaign. My boys learned a lot about getting government grants as well as solving problems in the community. This is what this country is about.

I talked to a guy in Washington, Raymond Whitfield. He is 68 years old, and he got $20,000 government grant from the government to go back and get his master’s degree. Twenty thousand dollars at 68 years old! So you old farts out there saying, œNobody is going to give me money to do anything, nonsense! The government cannot discriminate. Raymond at 68 years old got $20,000 to do something he had always wanted to do, and you can too.

Ronald Olszewski of Alabama got a $500 government grant to fix up his car. Did you ever think there were government grants to fix up your car? Well, there are. You just have to know how to look, and look deep enough to find it. Sure, the car dealer is not going to say anything. There is not going to be a big sign at the car dealer saying, œFree government grants. Come fix your car up here.

How about a government grant to buy a house? Sandie Dotson in Houston got $3,500 to cover closing costs to buy a new home. Three thousand five hundred dollars is not much towards a house, but for a lot of people, that will stop them from home ownership because they do not have the extra money for closing costs.

Or how about this? Linda Jacobs-Holcomb got a $5,000 government grant for speech therapy for her child. Would you ever think that, œMy child needs therapy, and I can’t afford it, and that you could possibly get a government grant of $5,000 for it? You can. You just have to know where to look. You have to go through the effort. You cannot knock on one door and expect to get $100,000 by next Tuesday. That one door is probably going to say no, and so you have got to go to the next door and then to the next door. And keep going until you get it. It is like getting a job. When you are job hunting, you do not go to one company and say, œHey, are you hiring today? If they say no, you do not go home and wait for them to change their mind. You go to the next door, and the next door and the next door. That is what you need to do.

The rich and famous use a lot of this free government grant money. This is my biggest frustration in life. If I see the wealthy taking advantage of all these programs then people like you should be doing so too.. If people like Ritz Camera, and Ameritrade are getting all this money, why don’t you? These rich people go out and hire someone to go out and find this money for them. I used to be one of those guys. I would charge $100 an hour to find money programs for the rich people. But what I found was that if a kid like me from Wilkes Barre can find this stuff, anyone can. I want to give you the tools to find it.

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