Let The Government Be Your Collection Agency

Do you have a supplier in another state who owes you money and won’t pay you back? Well, you don’t have to hire an attorney and pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your money. Try calling the attorney general’s office in the state of your supplier and complain about how a company in their state mistreated you. Many of these offices will investigate, for free, by contacting the business in question. No matter who is right in the matter the supplier does not want a government office on their back because this government office can put them out of business. The smartest business decision is to just give you the money owed and have the problem go away.

Maybe your credit card company does not treat you right and holds back money you think is due to you. Maybe your health insurance company will not pay a claim you think is covered in your policy. Maybe the package delivery service or airline shipping your product did you wrong. Maybe the radio station running your ads cheated you. All of these problems can be handled more effectively, and FOR FREE, by contacting the government agency that regulates the business with whom you are dealing. All businesses are regulated by some agency. If your customers have a problem with you they can contact the state attorney general’s office or the postal inspector if you sent a product by mail. So why hire an attorney who will charge you $200 an hour to get you satisfaction, when you can call a government office who will do the job for free. And don’t forget, a business can fight an attorney because the worst they have to lose is that they have to pay what they owe you. But it does not pay a business to fight a government agency, because a government agency has the power to put them out of business.

To find who regulates a specific business call 411 and ask for your state capital operator. Then ask for the office that regulates the profession or organization that hurt you. Or go to www.govengine.com and start by looking for the office of attorney general. You can also try the Consumer Action Website at www.consumeraction.gov/.

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