Wall Street

10000 to 2 Million In Venture Capital For Low Income Entrepreneurs

it’s not only Wall Street fat cats or bad business dot com ventures that get venture capital money to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. There are over 100 such venture capital organizations now whose goal is to get money to entrepreneurs who want to help low-income or other disadvantaged with good jobs, good services or good products. Go through the list at http://www.cdvca.org/fund_profiles.html and see which ones you should apply to. Remember venture capital is money you don’t have to pay back but they get a piece of the action and you get a partner.

Visit: www.cdvca.org/fund_profiles.html

Tuition Books Gas and Food Money To Get A 50 Raise

a front page article in the Oct 13th Wall Street Journal described how John Maynard in Belfry, KY used a government program to get a 50% salary increase and become a teacher at a community college. Check out the training programs in your area that can give you a 50% raise at

Visit: www.doleta.gov/usworkforce/onestop/