Loans to Help You Become Energy Independent

The Energy Independence Program (EIP) allows property owners in Palm Desert to borrow money from the city for energy projects at their home or facility, and to repay those loans through increased property taxes. There is no maximum loan amount, but loans over $60K must be approved by the City Manager. Loans greater than $200K must be approved by the City Council.  EIP loans do not require a down payment and the interest rate initially will not exceed 7%, but may increase up to 10% after the first $2.5 million of city appropriations are exhausted. Loans are available to all owners of real improved property, but $1.25 million of the initial funding is reserved for owners of residential property. Loans can be used to fund solar installations and a wide range of efficiency projects in existing buildings, not new construction. Contact:  Energy Independence Program, Palm Desert, Office of Energy Management, 73-710 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 200 A, Palm Desert, CA 92260; 760-837-0287;

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